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Electronic Fuel Injector Service

GB Fuel Injection Tester with Ultrasonic Cleaning and Back Flush Station


Typical Fuel Spay Patterns of Contaminated or Damaged Fuel Injectors

  • Don't take a chance on installing varnished or contaminated injectors in a vehicle!

  • Bring new life back into your fuel injectors and get them serviced at Done Rite Automotive. 

  • Have confidence that your fuel injectors are working properly and won't be a source of future problems.

Clean and Flow Electronic Fuel Injectors    $18.00 Each

The following list is what is included in injector servicing.

  • Perform baseline injector flow performance. (upon request)
  • Remove o-rings, pintle cap, and inlet filter.
  • Measure the coil resistance of each injector.
  • Clean the injector assembly.  Immerse in a heated ultrasonic cleansing bath while electronically cycling the injector.
  • Injectors are back flushed to remove any contaminants.
  • Re-assemble the injector with new o-rings, pintle cap, and inlet filter.
  • Flow test injectors with heptane test fluid at 3 bar of fuel pressure.
  • Injectors are tested for:
    •  Static leakage
    •  Flow pattern
    •  Total fuel delivery in #/hr or cc/min
    •  Fuel flow deviation of each injector (upon request)
  • Re-condition fuel injector exterior as needed.
  • A final flow and pattern analysis sheet is provided. (upon request)
  • Prior to packaging, a storage lubricant is cycled through the injector.




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